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freakmuck's Journal

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FreakMUCK is an online roleplaying habitat for unusual characters of the darker, more monstrous or fantastic bent. Not a furry game or an anime game or subscribing to any particular theme, the MUCK is, at its present stage, an experiment in creating a social dynamic unhindered by the constraints of mundanity.
The short form: be a monster, rub elbows with other monsters, OR be a mundane person in a world of freaks, or anything in between.
This community exists for players, existing or prospective, to share ideas and talk about themselves, and also to further erode away OOC barriers that might hinder roleplay.

At present, FreakMUCK remains fairly close to its loosely organized and informal roots. Originally there was no back-story and players were left to fend for themselves with their oddball creations. This community also exists to help provide more material for those who are interested in participating but find themselves at a loss for ideas.