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My turn!

Fearless leader has suggested, and so I shall obey! Here's a little snippet of a log of an RP I had tons of fun doing. ^.^ I'm doin' the livejournal cut thang for length.

Cast: Poppy (myself) and Dredge.
Things of note: tyipi - little fat birds. (They're the the token cute animal from Shin Shirayuki Densetsu Pretear.) --I know there are tons of people who haven't seen Pretear yet, so that was needing mention.
Scene so far: Poppy's first meeting with Dredge. Poppy ponders pilfering a tastey bit of feline familiar. Amusement ensues.

Poppy places her attention squarely on Dredge, now, as Kaenpopo seems to have, uh, gone quiet with jealousy and such or something. Eheh. In any case..! Dredge has become the center of attention, the poor guy. "All felines are pissed off?" is the automatic inquiry, a finger lifting to scratch at her leopard spotted temple. Her hair, having settled messily about her face and shoulders for the comedic blast, is then given a rub to have a few strands sticking up all over the place in further ponderance. She does remember some of the felinoid Project members being a little tempermental, but who could blame them? Pulled from thoughts that would eventually lead to smoke billowing from her ears, Poppy blinks back to peer at Dredge. "You like my--" A pause as the chubby, disturbed little bird pops into existance and then flutters off. "---wings?" That was certainly new. "Ah, is it your feline?" is the next inquiry.

Maybe he didn't notice the scars? Nah, it's just the fae in him that sees things for what they are. He looks over at Napoleon now, who has moved on to washing his paw now that he's become the center of attention. How predictable. "Those that have a nasty disposition towards everything in general. Don't quote me on that." Because he doesn't know. Sheltered upbringing and limited education, you know? He nods in responce to the second question with a dumb grin, and shakes his head to the third. She's asking lots of questions, but he's cool with that. "He's of the opinion that he's his own. Just like I'm not owned by anyone, you know?" Odd way of saying it. It's just a cat, isn't it? ...A small one, but...

Poppy hasn't even begun to ask a lot of questions! She's not even halfway warmed up. However, there's a touch of pride in learning that her pretty little wingies are admired, even if the thought behind mentioning them was empty. She may not have any social graces, or even the simple understanding behind the compulsion to say nice things other than to state the obvious, but she understands when something important to her catches attention. Then again, that big smile on her face may have also appeared had he paid negative attention to her. Attention is attention, after all. "Ah," nods, although she doesn't quite understand about the cat. She's quiet the agreeable sort, though, isn't she? "So you have an owner, too?" Her pert little nose is leaned in towards the cat, grey eyes blinking at the dark creature with apparent curiousity. "But you refuse to awknowledge him." Uh... is she speaking to Dredge or the cat?

The cat lowers its paw to look back at the winged girl, golden eyes regarding her with seemingly the same amount of interest invested in him. Napoleon sizes up Poppy with seeming calmness, not making a sound. It's not quite hypnotic...just the kind of pure focus that only a cat can obtain. (Of course, were he more sure of what Poppy was, she'd probably begin hearing thoughts in the back of her head right now...thoughts such as "feed me", "love me", "serve me", "worship me", "smack Dredge", and the ever so popular "hurt yourself for my amusement".) Dredge himself just kinda...looks on. Yeah. "I guess you could say that. Normally he doesn't have one, but...well, just take my word for it." It's kinda hard to explain what a familiar is in casual conversation, after all.

Grey eyes in silvery skin peer at golden eyes set in a furry black face. Poppy's eyes blink a few times, her enhanced eyesight scanning all the silky nuances of the feline's face from whiskers to the tufts that rest inside its ears. "Ah, it's a homeless feline, then." That's the conclusion she comes to, anyway. Why else would it not have a master, otherwise? She pokes a finger out towards the cat, intent on poking it in the nose, or eye, or forehead or chest or wherever she can stick that purposeful digit without losing it immediately. "Is this feline edible?" comes the next question, eyes flicking to Dredge for just a moment. The wings on her back give a twitching flutter, almost as though she were excited at the prospect. Mmm... sizzling cat-drumstick, dripping numminess down her chin after a good roasting on her rooftop. Oh, goodness. There she goes, starting to drool a little. Lick your lips, Poppy dear, you'll frighten the natives.

The kitty, being the antisocial thing that it is, leaps to Dredge's other shoulder at the prod. Ingrate. Even if you have more taste in color than a normal person, you're still an ingrate! The mystic himself just sort of...grins nervously at this point. He can already tell he's rapidly losing control of this situation. There isn't much that a curious butterfly girl offers in the likes of material to randomize. o_o; And...uh oh. Dredge opens his mouth to protest, but the feline roars again, louder this time. Dredge's jumps for a moment, and ALL of the cobblestones around him explode in a flurry of multicolored tyipis. @_@; "Damn it! You two are going to make me deaf at this rate!" ...The kitty didn't seem to like the prospect of being dinner. Of course, he expressed emotion, but didn't SAY anything to that end...right?

Poppy needs only that flurry of activity behind her to leap into immediate action. Rather than scramble over Dredge to pounce upon the cat and make it her dinner as all her drooling and questioning would've suggested she might do, the flurry of tyipi behind her provide an easier to catch supper. Looking not so cute perhaps she had been, the butterfly-girl hunches herself forwards; her beautiful wings flex and flutter at her back while she peers back at the confused birds. In maybe a handful of moments in time, those grey eyes narrow to slits within her strangely marked face, zeroing in on the slowest of the multi-colored creatures. This is when the thin, silvery needles filled with her paralyzing venom spit forth from the ridges along her wings in order to spear those she'd marked for death. How about she roast ya some bird to make up for the loss of hearing, Dredge?

Napoleon glances between the butterfly girl, the birds, and Dredge. It seems he's come to a decision of sorts. **BAMF** ...The cat is thusly gone in a thick cloud of lavender smoke, having decided to sacrifice his remaining time on this plane for worlds that don't involve dangerous butterfly girls that have dangerous practices. ...Leaving the humany fae to glance at his shoulder with a /hmph/. "Same to you." So now he's left to watch the carnage with a hand pressed to his mouth. o.o; This can't be good. They're so cute! ;_; They don't deserve to die just because he created them...but before he gets too worked up over this, a thought occurs to him. Raising a brow, he just continues to watch. He has a feeling that something amusing is going to happen in just a moment.

Amusing? Well, I suppose it all depends on one's perspective. If he thought her needling those helpless, plump little morsels was cruel, he'll probably vomit when if she decides to have a little snack before cooking the others. --Some things just taste better fresh, if you know what I mean. Watching the majority of the tyipi escape, Poppy relaxes, her body straightening back out and her hands automatically smoothing over the satiny skirt to her little grey dress. She looks right proud of herself, she does, a happy little smile replacing the hunger of the huntress she'd just been. "Oh... The feline didn't wish to stay for dinner?" is her innocent quiry to the cloud left by the animal's exit. While speaking, she moves to gather up one of the five chubby little birds left behind. They all lay quite still, although quite alive. (Except for maybe that blue one; it's little heart just couldn't take the double shock.) "That's too bad. I bet these will taste good. I've never had them before, but they look..." Poppy trails off while picking one up a pink one by the foot. The spine is taken out and dropped to the ground. "They looks like fat little chickens with candy colors." She licks her lips. Uh... bon apetite?

Dredge visibly twitches. Dredge isn't much for the whole "morality" thing normally, but...he is what he is. And when you're half of a fae, that means giving a damn about the natural order of things. This doesn't settle well on his stomach. Animals preying upon animals is within his grasp, but the side of Poppy that isn't an animal stands out like oil on water for his natural affinity. The "dead" birds *pop* back into stones, and the boney fragment itself becomes a sliver of stone even as it falls to the ground. A hidden sweep of the hand causes the others to return to inanimate stones as well, if only so he doesn't have to see a repeat of the "spine" incident. u.u; "Those were just stones that thought they were birds, you know. They decided that it wasn't fun to be birds if it hurt." Why is this bothering him so much? He can't quite put a finger on it...he's as devoid of morals as any other meddling creature of the woods. Unless...she's a product of science. Yes, that must be it.

Poppy had been in the process of bringing that tender little morsel towards her mouth for a taste, her tongue all ready to plunge into its little birdie innards and suck out all those delish bits of gore when the thing becomes a heavy old stone again. Startled, the animal in her releases the stone in her hand and lets it clatter upon the pavement below. "Stones?" comes her childishly innocent voice. Hunkering down into a crouch, a listless finger prods at the rock piece she'd been formerly holding. She looks up, then, to see all the other stones-that-had-been-birds. Her gaze sweeps over it all and then settles on Dredge. Her chin quivers. "They weren't real?" Grey eyes become silver as they well up with tears. "But I'm so hungry." Q.Q

Dredge hasn't, of course, considered the fact that Poppy here might eat things that aren't smaller than her. The fact that *he* could be her next meal also hasn't hit him yet. ...He does feel sorry for her, though. "Ever tried a hamburger before? Most people think they're tasty." Note to self, ensure this girl is fed whenever she's in his company. Most of his familiars wouldn't enjoy the prospect of being eaten. ...Though it'd be interesting to see her and Circe succubus-chan going at it...mud wrestling!

Poppy puts a hand to her flat tummy, her palm rubbing the satin around and arround against her stomach. Of course, this only exposes more and more of those firm thighs of hers while remaining in a crouch. "So hungry," she whimpers, sounding ever so despondent. Finally lifting up to stand, she turns those forlorn, limpid pools of silver on Dredge. Q.Q "A ham...burger?" From the sound of her voice, she's never had one of those before. Hell, she wouldn't know a cow if it came up and mooed at her. Dredge, however, is starting to look almost as good as those tyipi and that strange cat.

Fortunately for Poppy, Dredge is only a pervert when there's some humor to be had out of it. He does not, however, actually have a sex drive. ...Which is of course why he has a succubus familiar to torture him on slow days. Anime physics, you know. "It's...well, well-cooked animal meat. And you can put sweet or sour things on it to make it even more tasty. And stuff." Spider sense is tingling, but Dredge still hasn't convinced himself that she's considering him as a meal yet. But he is wary, yes he is. "Of course..." Pause. "It would help if I knew where we could get one. I'm kinda new here.

Poppy lives in a box, and ~Dredge~ is new here? Poppy's liquid eyes wobble in that way that anime females often do when one needs to prey upon the lesser spirited companions in that emotional way. "Well...cooked animal meet?" Sure, she's discovering the nuances of cooking to make things hot -- killing the evil bacteria that makes you sick and die isn't exactly a concern to her kind-- but why would anyone want something ~well~ cooked and covered with other things to hide the meaty taste? Confusion drops her veil over Poppy's hungry expression, momentarily buying Dredge some more time to weasel out becoming her evening meal. "That sounds... kind of yucky. Maybe they make that over there--" She points off in the direction of the market street. "There are stores there. I saw some people there with food the other day."

Dredge is finding himself in a bit of a dilemma. She's being cute, and he can't just let her *go hungry*. At the same time, he won't exactly live to feel good about having done a good deed if he's eaten. So...hrm. u.u; "Tell you what." He picks up a few of the discarded stones, snapping his fingers; the stones waver briefly, turning green with little faces on them, but transmuting stone to paper is a little behind him. So he tries again with a few sticks, coming up with something that better resembles cash. o.-; Which he then hands over. "Tell you what. Why don't you go down there, look for something that's tasty..." Pause. "...that's for sale..." Better. "...and give this to them. Tell them to keep the change. That way you get to eat something you like...right?" ^_^; ...And that way he doesn't get eaten if she doesn't like the food. Right?

Poppy watches Dredge with rapt attention, albeit through watery eyes that threaten to leak all down her face and stain her pretty satin dress. Wah! So many questions to ask, all of them bubbling up and around inside her head, wanting to spill out so that she'll be filled up with resulting knowledge. However, hunger makes her weak and she can only drool quietly and lick her lips at the thought of tender man-neck beneath her tongue and hot, pumping blood spilling into her mouth while soft flesh fills her dainty palate with tastes so delish she could just die of enraptured bliss. The made-money is taken with blinking. He's feeding her... this? 6.6; From her experience, leaves taste gross, so this green stuff would probably taste just as ba-- "Oh!" Her words cut off the thought. "Currency for bartering. Thank you!" A beaming little smile is made. ^_^ Happy Poppy can now try something new to eat!

Dredge is very unappetizing, he'll be happy to assure you. Of course, he doesn't want to give Poppy here any ideas either, so that is left unsaid. "No problem! It's the least I can do." ^_^; ...To both please a teary cutie, and keep his mad, not-so-nekkid self alive a little longer in this strange place. Now he just needs to secure a place of dwelling. Any small ol' cubish thing will do. Incense does wonders towards making things more homey. "Oh, tip. Since you're cute and all, if you smile reaaaaaaally nice and big for the person at the counter, they might give you a little something extra." What? He's at least part fae, so this manipulation thing comes natural to him. He almost wishes he *was* a woman, just so he could so perfectly control the minds of so many people. *_* Muahahahaha.

Again comes that happy smile, the waterworks abating to nothing more than the meerest little sniffle. Her lavendar haired head bobs at this new information. "I must smile really big and they'll give me something," she parrots in paraphase. Perhaps it would be a small child or large animal! Or, even better, ice cream with those crunchy candies in. "I have to go try this right now." Her stomach agrees; it gives a loud gurgle, protesting it's prolonged emptiness. "I'll come back and tell you how it went, okay?" Poppy doesn't leave him much to reply to, however. She's giving those multi-colored wings a flittering and begins to buzz off towards the market place. Food, here she comes. *_*
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