Eater Of Crayons (eaterofcrayons) wrote in freakmuck,
Eater Of Crayons

Been a while, huh?

Since davin has been saintly enough to let me keep my precious MUCK even though I barely use it at all, I figure I should make myself available to anyone who wants to make use of it. Email me at if this is the case. Or reply here.

BUT..what I really wanted to post for, after all this time, was to finally convey what I've always meant to. I was never sure I was doing it right. Fortunately, now I don't have to. My new favoritestestest author (and a popular one in my particular circle, of late) has done it for me.

This is China Mieville's Looking For Jake. Evidently there's a novel version due out soon. It's not Bas-Lag, but it doesn't need to be. Anyway, here we go:
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